Local Organizing Committee

Alberto Passi (President)

Federica Boraldi
Angela D’Ascola
Antonella Forlino
Marilena Formato
Marco Franchi
Evgenia Karousou
Maurizio Onisto
Arianna Parnigoni
Davide Vigetti
Manuela Viola

Scientific Board
Stephan Brezillon University of Reims (France)
Renato Iozzo Thomas Jefferson University Philadelfia (USA)
Paraskevi Heldin University of Uppsala (Sweden)
Nikolaos Karamanos University of Patras (Greece)
Sylvie Ricard-Blum University of Lyon (France)
Irit Sagi Weizmann Institute (Israel)
Liliana Schaefer University of Frankfurt (Germany)
Tom Van Agtmael University of Glasgow (UK)
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