Scientific Program
Invited Faculty

Apte Suneel (USA)
Brézillon Stephane (France)
Briggs Micheal (UK)
Chang Joan (UK)
Dauchez Manuel (France)
Day Anthony (UK)
Demler Cora (USA)
Di Martino Julie (USA)
Ewald Collin (Switzerland)
Forsberg-Nilsson Karin (Sweden)
Friedl Peter (The Netherlands / USA)
Gotte Martin (Germany)
Heldin Paraskevi (Sweden)
Hiebert Paul (Switzerland)
Hussell Tracy (UK)
Iozzo Renato (USA)
Jackson David (UK)
Karamanos Nikos (Greece)
Kletsas Dimitrios (Greece)
Malfait Franciska (Belgium)
Marini Joan (USA)
Marr Neil (UK)
Meng Qing-Jun (UK)
Meran Soma (UK)
Midwood Kim (UK)
Mongiat Maurizio (Italy)
Nystrom Alexander (Germany)
Orend Gertraud (France)
Pavao Mauro (Brazil)
Pizzorusso Tommaso (Italy)
Ricard-Blum Sylvie (France)
Rilla Kirsi (Finlandia)
Rossi Antonio (Italy)
Ruggiero Florence (France)
Sagi Irit (Israel)
Savani Rashmin (USA)
Schaeffer Liliana (Germany)
Schmelzer Christian (Germany)
Snedeker Jess (Switzerland)
Suvorava Tanya (Germany)
Theocharis Achilleas (Greece)
Van Agtmael Tom (UK)
Vogel Viola (Switzerland)

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